False Eyelashes vs Eyelash Extensions

False eyelashes are a popular choice among many makeup lovers and are highly customizable. There can be some confusion when it comes to the differences between false eyelashes and eyelash extensions. Whichever you choose, the purpose of false lashes is to enhance your eyes and create a fuller, voluminous effect to your natural lashes.

False Eyelash Application

Whether you choose strip lashes, individual lashes, self-adhesive lashes or decide to create your own, false eyelashes are highly customizable. False lashes are an ideal choice for short-term use, especially if you’re looking to wear a pair once and switch up your lash style the next day. There is no routine maintenance involved with false eyelashes as they are a temporary solution to enhancing your everyday makeup looks.

Applying false eyelashes by yourself is simple! The glue should be placed in an even layer directly on the band of the lash for a seamless application. Wait until the lash adhesive is tacky before placing the lash above your upper lash line, using either tweezers or your fingers. Ensure both inner and outer corners of the lash are properly adhered to the skin to avoid lifting. To remove, you can apply eye makeup remover to loosen the lash adhesive and then safely pull the outer part of the lash off your lash line, to avoid extracting any of your natural lash hairs.

Eyelash Extension Application

Another option to enhance your eyes through lash application is opting for eyelash extensions. Trained eyelash professionals will spend the time to apply individual lashes directly to your lash line and customize them based on your style preference. This option is for those who don’t want to worry about their lashes and want to have voluminous lashes for a longer period of time. With regular appointments and re-filling, your lashes can be maintained for a extended wear of your lashes.

To maintain eyelash extensions, it is important to avoid cleansers or beauty products that contain oils and to avoid products like cotton pads. In addition, the maintenance of eyelash extensions can become tedious and expensive overtime. This may be a deterrent to those looking for a short-term lash solution, in which case false eyelash strips would be the beneficial option.

When applied correctly, both false eyelashes and eyelash extensions can provide an enhancement to your overall makeup look. If you’ve been looking for a way to get fuller, voluminous lashes, both lash extensions and false eyelashes are favorable options to choose from!